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domingo, 25 de outubro de 2015

VA-20 Reggae Classics-1984

01.Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
02.The Melodians-Sweet Sensation
03.Nicky Thomas-Love Of The Common People
04.The Slickers-Johnny Too Bad
05.The Maytals-Pressure Drop
06.Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
07.Simaryp Skinhead-Moonstomp
08.The Pioneers-Longshot Kick De Bucket
09.Winston Groovy-Please Dont Make Me Cry
10.Jimmy Cliff-Many Rivers To Cross
11.Desmond Dekker-007
12.Dandy Livingstone-Rudy A Message To You
13.Boy Friday-Version Girl
14.Eric Donaldson-Cherry Oh Baby
15.Clancy Eccles-Fattie Fattie
16.Bob Marley-Keep On Moving
17.The Pioneers-Time Hard
18.The Maytals-Monkey Man
19.The Melodians-Rivers Of Babylon
20.The Ethiopians-Train To Skaville

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