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sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2015


01-Wild Knights-she likes to party
02-Jimmy Reid-nah give up
03-Mikey Spice - Showers Of Blessing
04-Stanley Roots-angel
05-Honey Boy - All I Want
06-bill spencer-its a beautiful life
07-Jimmy Riley-your the one
08-clinark-as a man i weep
09-Donna Marie - Shing Star
10-Gregory Issacs - My Time
11-the stingers-rasta stop no one
12-Brent Dowe - Little Nut Tree
14-Mike Brooks-lonely
15-Donna Marie - In Loving You
16-Honey Boy - Where Will You Be
17-Gregory Issacs - Cool Down The Place
18-Barrington Spence-my god and i
19-Donna Mrie - Wish id Never Kissed You
20-Jackie Edwards-theres only you in my love

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